Geri Laurence – Somatic Therapist

As a deeply knowledgeable, intuitive guest speaker, and group facilitator with over 27 years of combined experience working in addictions and disabilities, Geri has made it her life’s work to contribute to the health and welfare of others when they need it most.

Training with world-renowned industry experts, she has both founded and worked with many different organizations that support some of society’s most vulnerable populations. For the past 5 years Geri has focused solely on supporting individuals recovering from addictions and codependency. As a co-facilitator for the Cedars at Cobble Hill Family Discovery Program, and as the Somatic Therapist at Cedars’ residential addiction treatment facility, Geri integrates her training in somatic therapy to educate and teach participants how to resolve trauma within their nervous systems. Geri specializes in working with military professionals and individuals who suffer from PTSD. Geri completed her Somatic Therapy training with the Somatic Experiencing Institute at the University of British Columbia and is also a senior yoga instructor with 20+ years of experience recognized by the Yoga Association of British Columbia and the Yoga Alliance.

Geri’s extensive knowledge of the body anatomy and physiology, combined with the thorough understanding of body-emotion connection, Geri aims to help individuals let go of who they think they are supposed to be and embrace who they are in the moment by creating a safe container for her clients to process deep routed trauma in a supportive, holistic, environment. Geri’s gentle and encouraging approach allows individuals to share their personal stories with courage and self-compassion, connecting them with a felt sense of belonging and worthiness.

Some of Geri’s additional experiences include:

  • Founded an organization called Vancouver Friends for Life; bringing a Child Yoga Program to the community helping children with ADD/ADHD
  • Worked with Burnaby Youth Correctional Centre; organizing 12 step and mindfulness programs
  • Taught in treatment centers in Vancouver, BC and across the lower mainland
  • Provided yoga classes at the John Howard Society for high risk youth  in Campbell River, BC
  • Volunteered at the Elizabeth Fry Society – a non-profit organization that provides support services to women, girls and children at risk of involvement, involved in, or affected, by the justice system.

 Additionally, Geri was also presented with an honorary certification from the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Families for her outstanding contributions to health and welfare.

Geri’s training includes:

  • Somatic Experiencing Institute training with Dr. Peter Levine at the University of British Columbia
  • Workshops with Father Joe from India and Dr. Ray Long (Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga).
  • Training with Sue Ducros, B.S.C, M.B.A., the facilitator of the radiant Child Yoga Program.
  • Training with the world renowned yoga therapist Suzi Hately Aldous. The studies included the kinesiology of yoga and Yoga intensive. Susie’s cancer program (Yoga Thrive) is recognized by the University of Calgary.
  • Training with Kevin Griffin who authored the books “One Breath at a Time” and “a Burning Desire.

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